Leila’s story

A woman is assisted in regaining contact with her children after her violent husband kidnaps them and takes them to live overseas.


Leila and Taj were married overseas and moved to Australia where their three children were born. Taj was physically and emotionally violent towards Leila. Following a violent incident which led to Leila requiring 15 stiches, the police charged Taj and he was put on a good behaviour bond.  One weekend Taj collected the children, aged 5 and under, from Leila’s home and did not return them as planned. Leila found out through friends that Taj had taken them to his country of birth and that he had no intention of returning to Australia. Taj remarried and started a new family in his home country.

Leila was desperate to see the children and made many attempts to make contact through friends and diplomatic avenues but Taj blocked or ignored all her attempts for contact. Leila obtained Australian court orders a few years later that specified that the children live with her, but there was no way to enforce the orders as the country where they were living was not a signatory to the Hague convention.

Leila came to WLSV because Taj was back in Australia visiting family.


WLSV issued court proceedings seeking orders that Taj facilitate contact between Leila and the children and for Taj to remain in Australia. At the interim hearings Leila obtained orders which allowed her to have telephone contact with her children. Taj was put on the Airport Watch list and restrained from leaving Australia.

The following weeks were a very traumatic time for Leila. While she was able to speak to the children for the first time in over nine years, they had no recollection of their time in Australia or memories of her. The conversations were very difficult as the children had been told that Leila had died many years ago.

At the next hearing WLSV was able to help Leila reach a court approved agreement with Taj that he would remain in Australia and organise for the children to return to Australia.

The story is not over. Once the children arrive, WLSV will assist Leila to obtain new court orders allowing her to spend time with the children so that she can re-establish their relationship.